Getting to know Supertape

What is Supertape?

Supertape helps musicians build a modern band website that’s always up-to-date. Simply connect your Bandcamp, Spotify, Bandsintown, Shopify, and other platforms, to create a beautiful website that syncs your latest music, merch, videos, and tour dates automatically.

Building your site

  • Sign up and connect platforms - Create a user profile and build your first site. Connect your platforms and Supertape will get to work importing your inventory and keeping it in-sync.

  • Review your inventory - Check the music, merch, videos, and tour dates that were synced from your platforms, make any edits you’d like, hide anything you don’t want on your site.

  • Customize your design - Try on different templates, add a cover image and logo, customize your colors and fonts to match your style, and decide what to show in your site’s header and footer.

  • Connect a custom domain - Connect your own domain to make your site feel branded and official. If you don’t already own a custom domain, you can buy one and set it up from any domain provider.

  • Invite your team - Add your band members, managers, designers, booking agents, PR folks, or anyone else you’d like to help manage your site. Everyone gets their own secure login.

Running your site

  • Share your links - Update your Instagram, X, and other profiles to link to your site, and share the Supertape links for your albums, products, videos, or tour.

  • Create posts - Add posts to promote new music, merch, videos, tour dates, podcast interviews, blog write-ups, or anything else, directly on your home page.

  • Track your stats - Use the Dashboard to see insights on your most popular pages and platforms, and spot trends in what your fans are doing on your site.

  • Join the community - Follow us on Instagram to stay current on everything happening on Supertape, and get inspired by the other artists on the platform.

  • Reach out - Tell us about any issues, suggestions, or any other feedback you have. We’re musicians too, so we know the hassle of releasing and promoting music.

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