Connecting to Bandcamp

Supertape's Bandcamp integration lets you promote your music, merch, and video on your own website, and automatically imports new releases as soon as they drop.

Synced from Bandcamp

  • Profile

  • Music

  • Merch

  • Videos

Connecting Bandcamp

  1. Visit Platforms and select New in the top right.

  2. Select Music and then Bandcamp.

  3. Enter your Bandcamp profile URL and hit Save.

Finding your Bandcamp URL

  1. Open or search for your artist profile on Bandcamp.

  2. Copy the URL from your browser's address bar.

  3. Remove any extra text after the .com in the URL.

Good to know

  • All of your albums should have UPCs and tracks should have ISRCs. This allows us to match your music to other platforms far more accurately.

  • Different album formats (ie vinyl, cassette, digital, etc) should have separate UPCs, typically provided by your manufacturer. Otherwise they look like duplicates to Supertape and music charts. Similarly, songs and videos should have separate ISRCs.

  • Albums from other Bandcamp profiles can’t be imported. Either add the album to your Bandcamp, or in the case of labels, request that they add you.

  • All tracks on Bandcamp need to be part of an album. Any loose tracks that don’t belong to an album can’t be matched to your music from other platforms, so they won’t be added to your Supertape inventory.

  • Displaying your artist subscription on your Bandcamp home page will currently prevent us from syncing your inventory. For now, you should remove it from your Bandcamp home page.

  • Make sure your album and song names are formatted properly on Bandcamp, like you do on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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