Sharing your smart links

Smart links go by a lot of names, but the goal is the same - provide your fans with the best ways to listen to your music, buy your merch, watch your videos, and attend your shows. Supertape comes with them baked right into your band’s website.

A smart link is the URL to a landing page for a given release (ie. album, product, video, event), that contains links to each platform that release is available on.

Let's say you're dropping a new single on Friday. Once it hits DSPs, during our nightly check early that Friday morning, we'd find your single on all of your connected platforms (like Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, etc.) and import it into your inventory (with all of its relevant metadata like release date, tracks, length, artwork, links etc).

Then we'll automatically add your single to your website. It will get its own landing page that has all of its meta data, associated products, and links to each platform it's available on. That's your smart link. Share your album's landing page with your fans so they can listen or buy on their preferred platform.

  1. Visit the Share section of the app and select the item you'd like to share.

  2. Select the URL to have it copied to your clipboard.

  3. Paste the URL into your link-in-bio, social media posts, newsletters, ads, etc.

The Share section highlights your most recent releases, so if you're looking to share an older item not in the list, you can find it in your Inventory and share it from there.

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