Customizing your colors

Colors are a great way to establish your band’s brand. If there are colors and palettes you use in other mediums, try them out on your site so your fans have a consistent experience form channel to channel.

Color settings

There are two main color settings for your design:

  • Background color - Typically applies as a site-wide background color.

  • Foreground color - Typically applies to text and other accent elements that sit on top.

Be aware of how your Background and Foreground colors contrast with one another. Ensure there’s enough contrast that your site is still readable.

Editing a color

  1. Visit the Design section of the app and select Edit.

  2. In the Colors section, use the color picker or paste a specific HEX color.

  3. Preview your colors on any page of your design.

  4. Once finished making changes, Publish your new design.

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