Customizing your cover image

Your cover image is where you can really set the vibe and tone for your site. Each template uses the cover image a little differently, but it will always be prominently featured on your home page in some way.

Best practices

  • Crop – Choose an image (or crop one) so the subject is in the center with generous space around all sides.

  • Size – Upload the highest quality image you can while staying below our 10 MB limit. At least 1500-2000 pixels wide.

  • Type – Don’t use an image with type or a logo baked in, or at least test it carefully on different browser sizes if you do.

  • Format – We accept JPG, GIF, or PNG.

Uploading a cover image

  1. Visit the Design section of the app and select Edit.

  2. In the Images section, select the button or drag an image into Cover.

  3. Preview your cover image on the home page of your design.

  4. Once finished making changes, Publish your new design.

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