Customizing your logo

Nothing make’s your site feel more official than adding your own logo. By default we’ll use your artist name as the main link to your site’s home page, but if you’ve got one, we really recommend taking the time to get your logo on your site.

Supported formats

For logos, we only accept SVG files. This is for two reasons:

  • Scalability - SVGs are infinitely scalable, so they look great at any size.

  • Flexibility - We can colorize them to match your design’s Foreground color.

If you don’t already have an .SVG version of your logo, the best way to get one might be to reach out to your designer to see if they can help you export one.

If you have an .AI or .EPS file of your logo, you can use those to convert your logo to .SVG, but that can be tricky without the right software. Again, ask your designer for help.

Best practices

  • Crop - Crop out any white space around your logo.

  • Color - Make it black and white so it’s easier for us to color.

  • Strokes - Expand all strokes to paths using “Convert to Outlines” in vector editing apps.

  • Fonts - Convert all typefaces to outlines as an embedded font might not always render properly.

  • Images - Don’t embed raster images and make sure all elements in your SVG are vector-based.

  1. Visit the Design section of the app and select Edit.

  2. In the Images section, select the button or drag your logo into Logo.

  3. Preview your logo on any page of your design.

  4. Once finished making changes, Publish your new design.

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